Martha McBride Knight

Mar 17, 1805
Chester Township, New York
Nov 20, 1901
Hooper, Utah

Born on March 17, 1805, Martha McBride was born in Chester Township, New York. At the age of twenty-one, Martha married Vinson Knight in 1826. Eight years later, Vinson and Martha met the Prophet Joseph Smith and converted to the church in 1834. After their move to Nauvoo, Vinson was called to serve as a bishop of one of the congregations and worked with Joseph Smith on church assignments. Vinson was taught by Joseph Smith about plural marriage and was then married to his second wife, Philinda Merrick. In 1842, Vinson fell ill and passed away leaving his two wives widowed. As a result, Martha married Joseph Smith in 1842 and there are few records about the details of their marriage. After the death of Joseph, Martha married Heber C. Kimball in 1844 and joined church members traveling west to Utah. She settled down in Utah, primarily living in the Ogden and Weber area, and passed away in 1901 in Hooper, Utah.

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