Flora Ann Woodworth

Nov 14, 1826
New York, New York
Mar 2, 1886
Oak City, Utah

Born in 1846 in New York, Flora Ann Woodworth was born to Lucien and Phebe Woodworth. After contacting church missionaries, the Woodworth family was baptized in 1832 and migrated with early saints in Missouri and Illinois. Much of the records pertaining to Flora and Joseph's marriage are unclear. After Joseph's death, Flora became a widow at seventeen and married a non-member, Carlos Grove months after. In 1846, she traveled with the saints to Salt Lake City, Utah ultimately passing away while on the journey in Iowa. She was presumed to be in her early twenties at the time of her passing.

info Information Sources: cancel https://josephsmithspolygamy.org/plural-wives-overview/flora-ann-woodworth/

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